Governance Structure

The transparent governance structure of CJ CheilJedang increases efficiency and synergy


BOD members vote on important management issues of the company and are in charge of developing creative endeavors

  • Kyung Shik, Sohn

    Business School, Seoul National Univ.
    School of Business, Oklahoma State Univ
    Completed CEO course at the College of Law, Seoul National Univ.
    Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry CEO and Chairman, CJ Corp.
    Vice Chairman, CJ Corp.
  • Hyun Jae, Shin

    B.A. in Business Administration, Pusan National University
    CEO of CJ CheilJedang
    Head of General Management, CJ Corporation
    CEO of CJ Logistics Corporation
    Head of Global Business Division, CJ Logistics Corporation
  • Shin Ho, Kang

    M.A. in Business Administration, Graduate School of Korea University
    Head of Food Business Division, CJ CheilJedang
    CEO of CJ Freshway
    Head of Management Support Office, CJ CheilJedang

  • Ki Su, Lee

    Ph.D. in Law, Eberhard Karls Universitat Tubingen
    Ph.D. in Law, Korea University Graduate School
    M.A. in Law, Seoul National
    University Graduate School
    B.A. in Law, Korea University
    Chief of Sentencing Commission, Supreme Court
    17th President of Korea University
    Dean of the College of Law, Korea University
    Chairperson of Presidential Council on National Competitiveness
    Professor of the College of Law, Korea University
  • Yung Jue, Bang

    M.D., Seoul National University Graduate School
    M.A. in Medical Science, Seoul National University
    B.A. in Medical Science, Seoul National University
    Head of Clinical Trials Center, Seoul National University Hospital
    Professor, Internal Disease of the Medical College of Seoul National University
  • Kap Soon, Kim

    M.A. in Public Administration, Graduate School of Seoul National niversity
    B.A. in Public Administration, Sungkyunkwan University
    Vice Chairman of Deloitte
    Korea Commissioner of Seoul Regional Tax Office
    Director for Public Relations of National Tax Service
    Director for Tax Support Bureau of National Tax Service

*Jeong Pyo Choi resigned for personal reasons from the outside director on April 6, 2018. The company plans to appoint a new outside director at the shareholders’ meeting to be first held since the resignation in accordance with the Article 542-8, Section 3 of the Commercial Law.


The CJ CheilJedang BOD consists of a total of 3 committees.

BOD Chairman Chairman

CEO Outside Director Audit Committee Outside Director Candidate
Recommendation Committee
Date of appointment Tenure Application for directors and officers insurance
Kyung Shik, Sohn - - - 2016.03.18 3 Years
Hyun Jae, Shin - - - 2017.03.24 3 Years
Shin Ho, Kang - - - 2018.03.26 3 Years
Ki Su, Lee - 2016.03.18 3 Years
Yung Jue, Bang - 2017.03.24 3 Years
Kap Soon, Kim - 2016.03.18 3 Years
Audit Committee
The Audit Committee is a standing organization of the BOD and all members are appointed at the general stockholders’ meeting. The Audit Committee audits the accounting and duties of directors and has the right to request business reports to directors or to investigate the company’s property status. Major agendas include matters with regard to general shareholders’ meeting, directors and the BOD, and audits. The Audit Committee consists of four non-executive directors.
Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee
The Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee selects candidates qualified to be outside directors in accordance with the articles of association. The Committee consists of four non-executive directors including the Chairperson Ki Su, Lee, which satisfies the majority of non-executive directors stipulated in the clause 4 of article 542-8 of the Commercial Law.
Remuneration Committee
The Remuneration Committee has the right to assess the remuneration system and performance indicators of executives for their long-term incentives. This committee consists of 3 inside directors and 4 outside directors.